Welcome and thank you for coming to this site. There are no accidents. I am confident that it will provide you with answers to a few of your questions. The benefits of this site is to provide the energy necessary to assist the body so it can make its own decisions and know that it truly is up to each and every individual as to what we desire. We are all at different levels on that spiritual path: no judgments. I meet each person where they are and at their own pace. My vision is to build a network of “realized beings” of love and light to assist Mother Earth and everyone whom they come in contact with on voyage toward personal growth.


Many people are under the impression that a light worker “does” the healing. Actually, my role is to remain open and allow the energies to abundantly flow through me with the expectation of a most magnificent outcome. Remember, I do not do the healing, I am the “go between.” My place is to remain open and allow these magnificent energies to bring forth the most positive outcome.



You can expect anything from feeling a small change to a full explosion within the body. After an energy session, minor body aches, cold symptoms and a feeling of lightness can transpire for 2-4 hours. Welcome it and know the body is aligning itself and drink plenty of water.

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