About Larry Murray

I began my personal passage of transformation nine years ago. However, during most of my adulthood, a rising paradox occurred between the words spoken at church or studied in books. A major piece of information was not in accordance with my Spirit and did not fulfill my “Truth.” I discovered a “Major” aspect of the puzzle inadvertently after I injured my back. The series of traditional medicine that included invasive steroid shots and pain medication left my body depleted and not functioning properly. There had to be a resolution.

One day after leaving the doctor’s office, I stopped by an old friend’s house who studied alternative healing practices. After ten minutes of working on my body; the back pain was gone and I was standing straight! Following this experience, I made a decision to learn this technique myself and within days I traveled to another state to learn an incredible method called “Tapping,” connecting the area of pain in the body with the emotional aspect of the organ that controls the area of pain.

Educating myself was only one aspect of my Spiritual journey. Knowledge and Wisdom activated Healing Energies that brought Miraculous results. My personal goal is to Empower others and inspire an understanding of their full potential of Love and Consciousness from Source. Divine Love and working with that intention can touch a person’s soul and change lives for the better.

I encourage you to join my weekly remote meditation group, schedule a healing session, purchase a product or attend a class/lecture. I look forward to interacting with all those who are attracted to my site. I leave you with these powerful words,” I AM THAT I AM.” Acknowledge that the Power to Transform and transcend Is inside of Yourself, my role is to selflessly guide and enhance all that You Are. We all are brilliant stars; just shining in different ways. You are magnificent and know this; where you are at this very moment is where you should be!

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