Please relax into your private space. Know that every breath you take contains the essence of all life. Saturate your body with the essence of all life.

Imagine you have evolved to the point where you have joined with other lights, on the other side of the veil, Now, you guys are an enormous, Magnificent planet of Light! Congratulations! Now, you have one main advantage! You can leave the planet and go as close to the veil as you can, shining your Light to attract friends and loved ones to assist them to the other side. But, it is against the rules of your new planet to carry another Being across the veil. That is held as an individual, sacred act, that must not be interfered with.

So, imagine your light, joining all of these other magnificent lights around Mother Earth, radiating light to our friends and loved ones. In your minds eye, see your loved ones cross, you see the relief of stress and worry as soon as they cross over the veil! You see and feel Mother Earth  cleansing and renewing herself as she continues her role in the universe. Wow, just imagine, this is happening Now! in this life! not, in an after life. We are, the most Miraculous, Magnificent and Benevolent out come. I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE. Meet you in The Cosmos Wed’s at 6am cst. Peace and much Love.


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