People have asked me about the meditations? I am still doing weekly meditations. I Am in the Cosmos most mornings, I Am definitely there every Wednesday at 6am cst. whether I post or not. How many of you have connected with me in the Cosmos on a Wednesday morning, even though you have not read a physical post? Your evolution and your ascension is each of our individual gifts and obligations to our own souls journey, Life, as well as our individual gift to the Creator of All Life! Whenever you decide to meditate and spend time in the Heavens, Know that a part of me will be there to assist the best I can, but your Divine True self and The Creator of All Life, will also be there, and collectively, we, will never let you down!

I will post monthly meditations, for that intent to be used, until I post another. This month, we will tap into, and utilize our creative imagination. We will be using our physical vehicles as unaltered conduits of Light with minimal distortion! To do this all you have to do is, allow yourself to feel Love in the most Joyous way you can. Just think of whatever brings a warm fuzzy loving feeling to you. Once you feel like you are loved, then you are ready to give love. Connect to Mother Earth and the Creator. Relax and breathe in Light through your crown chakra, while imagining a globe of Mother Earth in between your hands, being saturated with the Love, the Light , of The Infinite Creator of all Life, utilizing You!, Illuminating Mother Earth and all dark places that inhabit Her, while strengthening the present light. I expect and intend to see and experience, The most Miraculous, Magnificent, and Benevolent outcome for all LIfe. I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE! Meet you in The Cosmos  at 6am cst. Peace and much Love.



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