Now, is the time! We are! The Image and Similitude, they speak of, in all Prophetic works, books and texts and religions. There are certain things, inherent within You, O my Children of Israel, That were Created and Not formed! There are certain things inherent within You, O Children of Israel, that others have to search and learn for! But You, O child of Israel, I have placed it Naturally within. It only needs a spark to come to full Blossom.

That is what the subservience, the humiliation, and degradation of your own people and kind has been about over hundreds and to some extent thousands of years.The extended slavery to Humans, by providing lack of education,medical care, judicial fairness, and the steady dose and persistence of a Babylon system you give your Soul and Honor to, yet the Humans you enslave, Is your only way out!  And your existence depends on Their energy in, (The Game)!

America, we have countless Treaties, some good,  some not so good. What describes the character of an entity, whether  it be Real,or Fiction Is, if That entity stands in Honor! America, We have NOT stood in Honor of the Treaties we have made to The Humans we enslaved to build this Country, All  you saw was your own Greed, and how you could get more, No Matter the Cost! The foundation of your existence and well being, has been  built on a Lie That only America can correct!  What will she do? Will She continue living a lie and choose Total Destruction? Don’t worry, My Children of Israel, For you are Protected and always in my Grace. Lucifer, Satan, Release My People Now! Restore them to their Divine Right Now!

We each have to make our own decision and discern for ourselves, Please do your own research and choose wisely, I tell you, a Child of Israel is anyone who stands in Honor of Truth and All Life. I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE. So It Is! Peace and much Love in The name of YASHUAH! I Am.


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