Services and Products

Larry offers the below personalized energy balancing products, custom and designed especially for each individual.

Personal Remote Sessions: The cost varies depending on your request. Sessions start at $50.

Body Balance: Body Balance is a mixture of natural minerals, crystals and Consciousness that assist in balancing the body, therefore
allowing the body to better rectify its own imbalances. The Body Balance is said to have made people more flexible, energetic and feeling
of overall Well Being. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or heal any ailment or illness. Please consult your physician regarding
specific medical problems.Cost: $55


Larry’s Wands

hese wands are similar to (Wand of Horus) the object that you see in the hand of the Egyptian elite in paintings and hieroglyphics. These

objects were said to have given the bearer power. Therefore, ordinary people were not allowed to possess them. Now, they are available

to you. Larry’s wands can be used in the following ways:
• Meditation Sessions
• Practitioner Sessions
• Enhance body to maintain a higher vibration
• Any Divine Expression of Creativeness That Is of Love and Light.
Larry’s wands are made from natural substances and no two are the same. An order will be placed after a brief consultation that includes:

your name, birth date, mother’s maiden name and her birth date. These special order items are made specifically to your bodies individual

vibration. Cost: $333.


Make a Donation

Larry’s weekly meditations are free of charge and it’s his gift to you and the universe.
Preparation for these meditations often take 4- 6 hours of spiritual work.
If you would like to donate to Larry’s light click here





Disclaimer:These products are not intended to treat,diagnose or heal any ailment or illness. Please consult your physician guarding

specific medical problems.

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