I was contemplating about Light! We take pictures all the time. We come up with all these reasons and ideas about the light circles and anomalies of light that we have seen, and taken with our hi tech cameras on our phone or otherwise. There has to be a reason for it, so I can make it fit into my brain, so I can comprehend it! It’s the lens, it’s the light refraction, it’s the weather…  I am sure, all of these can be proven to be true in some way or another, I get that, but it seems as though a few people are providing the lens that they would like all humanity to adopt and saturate within themselves!

What if, being that light, is energy! and like attracts like, according to Universal Law, Not mans law. What if all the images you have taken with funny streaks of lights and anomalies, are showing just what Universal Law teaches. Like being attracted to like? What if those funny light streaks are showing us parts of the body where Light is more prevalent, or deficient? Peace and Much Love. I Am.


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