I was thinking about the evolution of our planet. As I was contemplating, I thought of the evolution of consciousness. I notice a huge difference in the number of people who are even talking about consciousness! So in the grand scheme of things, we are moving rapidly. Now, you hear politicians, religious leaders, etc. talking about consciousness. We must be aware, and have some sort of connection to The Source Within. It assists us in discernment and trusting within, this will be very important and useful as we continue to evolve.

We should be aware, that war and killing is of the lowest forms of consciousness a supposedly civilized individual, organization or government can display! We must also be conscious of the way we treat our women. They are the Mothers of our Planet, and without them none of us would exist.

We are already seeing it, as we continue to grow in consciousness, things such as wars, treatment of all humanity, our planets well being, etc. may bring you different views and feelings than you previously had. Allow yourself to explore the new views.

To all men, especially our so called leaders, No thing can exist without The Creator. No man can exist without being born of a Woman. Please ask yourself; How would The Creator and my Mom, view my true actions? Peace and Much Love.


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