What is the point, and what is it, that the powers that currently control our planet, think, they are greater than? The True Creator? The One that gave them Life! What, do they think they will accomplish? Religions know!, Our Governments know!,and science knows! Yet, it is of the utmost importance, to suppress one race of people, over milllenia for the personal gain of a few individuals.

Truth is Truth. A recessive gene can not make a Dominant gene. PERIOD! You can not make a black man from a red, yellow or especially a white gene. Yet every Human on this planet, can be traced to the origin, and womb of the Black Woman! HONOR Her!

This is Truth in its simplest form, so most can understand. Wake Up World! Build a future onTruth, so your worldl shall be built on a solid, and enduring foundation. You have been deceived. We have given our power away, to people we entrusted to speak for our collective common interest. They have failed our Nation, and Humanity greatly. I Honor them for allowing themselves to be a major part of humanities evolution. All are ONE! Why is it, that as long as you can remember, and what mainstream (mockingbird) stream media and a lot of what our forefathers taught us, inmost cases, is different from what you have personally experienced in your life, dealing with people of color in your own lives. The lies and old way of suppression of Humanity, IS OVER! It is not about color at this point. The planet as a whole, has to pay the price for the mistreatment and suppression of a Magnificent People, that was placed here by, THE CREATOR of ALL LIFE!  All races, have good and bad people, Discern!, but one group of people, chose to take all the wealth, and control of all humanity, to be subservient to them alone. Their time is COMPLETE.

Learn to trust what you feel, for what your eyes see, and what your ears hear, may not be in alignment with what you are feeling on the inside. Further the relationship with yourself and your innate feeling. That, is your True Guidance. Peace and much Love!


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