Wow!, this is great! Ascension is here! Yeah, we’re going to evolve, Hallelujah!

Instead of a physical ship, The Creator comes to you in a dream. A brilliant Light of Love engulfs you. You are frozen but able to communicate intuitively or telepathically with this Light. You do your due diligence and discern, this Light is of Love and Truth. You proceed. The Light asks you, (are you ready to go to the next dimension)? You respond, heck yeah, I’m ready, take me to it! The Light says (ok, fine, just a couple of questions I would like to ask for you to ponder at your leisure).  You agree. The Light asks ( how have you used your energy)? You reply, what do you mean, Energy? The Light says ( The Christ energy, I have given to you, as well as all Humans). You reply, well, I guess I have used it about the same as others, maybe even a little more. The Light says (yet what everyone else was doing, went against the True God given  morals you, and all humans have within. I see the obstacles that have been laid before you, that prevent Humans from making conscious and fair choices based on Truth. That power has been voided. Your Divine True self is free to do what your soul came here to do, AWAKEN and align your conscious with your Divine True self on the other side of the veil). I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE. Peace and much Love.


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