Who are the true Children of Israel? There are many theories about this, however, I am speaking on my own interpretation of what I feel to be of truth to me, in it’s simplest form.

The true Children of Israel, is not one race of people, or a certain ethnicity. There are good and bad in all cultures. The true Children of Israel, connects to the Christ within, and aligns it with the will of The Father. There are Children of Israel in all cultures and all walks of life, and every Human has the Christ within, that they can connect with and have an intimate relationship with. It is an individual choice and connection between you and The Creator of All Life. This encompasses blind trust, faith and belief in things unseen. As you awaken, if you choose to make that inner connection, you will soon have a knowing, instead of just trust, belief and faith. Things unseen will be made apparent. The True Children of Israel are, Those that Choose to Be! I Am That I Am. I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE. Peace and much Love.


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