How about common sense! Here we are, coming up on another election, yet the politicians we elected are still talking about Russian collusion in our elections. Well, if there are breaches in the system, that affects the free choice of it’s citizens, then why are none of them doing anything about securing our upcoming elections. Their game is not to fix anything! Their game is to put on an expensive suit or dress, tell you, what they think a sympathetic ear wants to hear and vote against their constituents to push their personal agenda. They don’t plan on fixing the voting system, it is their rigging game!

To all politicians, No more! You have Grossly abused your power and suppressed Humanity! You have violated Universal and Cosmic laws. Your constituents and the world are rapidly awakening and seeing you, our elected officials, for who you truly are! So, it would seem like common sense. While you are investigating your Russian collusion, you may want to remember your Oath of Office that you were Sworn in to uphold, is to ensure the rights of The American people that put you in office. The only way that can be done until you get to the bottom of your Russian collusion investigation, would be to have paper ballot elections with receipts, like we used to. That would ensure the choice and will of the people that you represent, are confirmed and accounted for. Who’s interest are you truly representing?

I would ask that each person, regardless of political affiliation, to do a write in ballot and keep your receipt. That would be a wonderful ray of Light to a corrupt and broken system, as well as assist those whom think, they don’t make a difference. You do! I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE! Peace and much Love.


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