Interesting, I was thinking how roles in society have reversed. Do you remember back in the 80’s how everything related to computers was ditto? You remember that? Humanity was in charge of the computers and told them what to do! Ditto meaning, bull crap in, bull crap out! It just repeated the information that it was given. Now, it seems Humanity have switched roles! It seems the media powers that currently exist, and feel it is their job to educate humanity, have lost All Honor in themselves as an individual, family and as a business! Let alone the value that You could represent as a network of Truth and Fairness for All Life! I Am sure You guys need to take a look at your company’s original Mission Statement, and you shall all see just how far off the True path You Truly Are! ( The Mission Statement must be a Lie) You are DITTO to the American People! You are spewing the bull crap you allow to come in to your organization for your Personal Benefit, and your actions show the American People who you Truly Are! As an American Citizen, Am I verifying or questioning anything? Please do your do diligence, Times are changing, When we repeat what has been fed to us to consume and digest, without researching the validity for ourselves, We show our ignorance rather than Wisdom. Peace and much Love.
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