Questions answered! – 09.11.2018
People ask me, why don’t you do positive meditations anymore, what is wrong etc… Well, nothing is wrong with me that I am aware of. I had a vision sometime ago, I saw everything beautiful and pleasant, but soon after it turned dark and I asked for clarification and guidance from Source within, then I was shown Humans with no eyes, I continued to ask for clarification and guidance from Source within. I awoke one morning and I knew what it meant. My interpretation of what I was shown was a Nation and a World of Humans who never fully awakened and skipped to the bliss of other dimensions without dealing with the primary issues of corruption, submission and slavery in their own dimension that was staring them in the face, and they individually and collectively chose to look at it, yet pretend it does NOT exist! So, we as a species of Humanity are doomed to repeat the same old cycle over and over and over again! NOT on my watch! So for me, it was necessary to allow people to see their own mistakes that have been made, don’t beat yourself up, but dangit do it better next time. When we decide within ourselves, we will no longer tolerate submission and subversion of any life on our planet in any way regardless of status, creed or color, we will be on our way. With a planet that is 70% water and humans whom are 70% water on it, do you find it in alignment with The Creator of all Life, that our Nation has an unlimited military budget with surveillance up the yin yang on everyone and everything, technology overload, but we are not able to produce fresh water and organic food to sustain life? Yet you feel you are ready to go to another dimension asleep and everything will be better! Other dimensions are in need of useful Beings, asleep beings are of No use to the betterment of all life. Peace and much Love.

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