People ask me a wide range of questions for various reasons. What I have come to realize, is that most issues we are dealing with have manifested in the physical due to fear!, fears that are either unresolved or unaddressed by the individual being affected. Fear is a main tool used to manipulate Humanity. Remove your consent from fear!

One thing we should be aware of is, No entity can encroach upon your space without your consent! That is a human trait of free will (with consequences). Only we as humans encroach upon anothers space against their free will, yet we proclaim to be the most intelligent and highly evolved. When watching tv, on the computer, driving or anytime you feel yourself in the space of undesirable energy, it is your responsibility to remove your consent immediately upon awareness, so the energies do not affect you in an undesirable way. It is important that we be more aware of how we are consenting to giving our source energy away without being aware we are doing it! Doing nothing, Is Consent! Ignorance is no excuse in mans law, nor is it an excuse in Universal Law. You may want to consider that if you are one who falls asleep with the tv on at night and allow all the mind altering commercials of sickness and disease, have a direct uninterrupted dialogue with your Powerful subconscious mind, then all of the sudden you are diagnosed with one of those malady’s and you wonder why, not realizing, you gave your consent!

This is the great awakening!, when dark comes to light. We are living it Now! It seems everyone wants evolution and ascension, but non of these are static terms.We have to start to shed some of the old ideologies, systems and ways of doing things of the past that has no benefit for Humanity as a whole but only benefited the very few. Humans you are the Angels you are looking for to come and save Humanity! As we awaken, you too, may come to know of what I speak. Please choose wisely. Peace and Much Love.


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