It is important that during this Magnificent time, for us to get out of our comfort zone and look at things from perspectives that are different from our own. We are learning discernment! In order to get the flow of life itself. It is important that we have something to contrast or contradict the normal flow of our normal thinking. I know it takes courage. I am so proud of the ones whom have already crossed that fine line, it’s truly challenging!, but i’m sure most, if not all can attest, that once they chose to cross that Bold (imaginary) line, all the help and support was right there waiting to greet and propel you even further than you could have ever imagined!
Look at news networks you like and don’t like, then feel for yourself what feels right to You.That teaches us to be able to discern and provide us with the tools necessary to make a balanced decision, where we can choose for ourselves with compassion for all life! Collectively, as we all learn to discern for ourselves individually, then, Truth shall Reign Supreme! Peace and Much Love! i am…
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