What an interesting time to be alive! When I contemplate the present actions of society, as a whole, I’m in amazement as to how much has changed, in so little time.

The chaos and purposeful intent to mislead Nations and it’s Peoples¬† is truly astounding! Humanity is at a point, where, we as individuals have to truly decide on a personal level and make a conscious decision and collectively it will be decided which way is best for our future. This is about foundational, fundamental, morals and integrity Period! No matter what side of the fence you are on, these are foundational principles of Truth, Honor and Integrity that serves us well, individually and collectively.

I see how we usually have 3 or 4 parties running for elections. It has been cut down to 2! Two sides so far apart, hmm, seems like Humanity is being made to make a clear choice for now! I can also see another party arising out of this, A party that is for fairness for all life, that is when Humanity really picks up steam and start to come together for the good of all.

Allow yourself a couple minutes a day to sit back outside of your present situation, and just relax and breathe. Step back further outside of yourself and gain a broader perspective of who you Truly are! Awaken your Divinity within you! Only You can!

I know somewhat of the hindrances that keep us stagnant. I feel some of this is due to our fear of our own Light. once we decide to breakdown ourselves, to ourselves, for ourselves and come to a point where we can start forgiving and loving ourselves again, the light starts to shine, others become extensions of ourselves, then we have peace in the family, community, state, nation and our world.

What we have been waiting for, is here Now! We have to wake up and do our individual part, no matter what that is. It is needed. We agreed on a soul level to be here at this time and space for a reason. I don’t feel it is to be static, but evolve. Remember and do what your soul desires to achieve.You, Me, We are the most Miraculous, Magnificent and Benevolent outcome. I Am and so are You! Peace and much Love.


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