What if, all you had to do is raise your vibration? What if we, as beings of magnificence, all of the sudden, collectively awaken from our slumber? What do you think would happen? To me, this is interesting! If low vibratory and high vibratory cannot occupy the same space, it would seem as a natural flow of evolution that, as you raise your vibration, the low vibratory matter and events would no longer be able to operate in the same space without harming itself, or choosing to raise it’s own vibration. Welcome to Earth school of learning! If you are reading these words, realize, there are no mistakes! Our souls asked for a chance to be here at this time because, we knew we could and desired to make a difference.We remember a time when Earth was a place of Beauty, Magnificence, high standards and Truth was natural and The normal. A place where your children and grandchildren can learn who they truly are, and evolve into the Infinite beings of light they were Created to be. We are preparing for our own return. It’s a matter of what you would like to return to. We are all making choices today, to prepare us for tomorrow. Please choose wisely. Peace.

(Meditation – June, 2018)   Please relax into your private space. allow the frequencies and vibrations of Loving light and Loving thought to flow in, through and all about you. Envision yourself, accelerating, evolving, ascending to higher thoughts and dimensions. You are in a space where low vibratory thoughts, words or deeds cannot exist. envision yourself, loved ones, and Mother Earth, being saturated and illuminated with Loving Light  mmm, ahhhh! Imagine all things of a low vibration being released from you and Mother Earth. I Am You. You Are Me. We Are ONE. I expect to see and experience, The most Miraculous, Magnificent and Benevolent outcome for all Life. So It Is. I Am. Meet you in the Cosmos Wednesdays 6am cst Peace and much Love.



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